Earn V Bucks With The Fastest Method

How to earn v bucks & their functioning?

Fortnite is played by millions of gaming enthusiasts of all ages, across the globe and is considered to be among the most popular Battle Royale games. There is a virtual currency used, referred to as v-bucks, which you need to buy with real money to enjoy premium features. But there are ways & means to earn v bucks for free.

Virtual currencies

There are several free-to-play games introduced for gaming enthusiasts, with almost all of them featuring their very own virtual currencies. It is used mainly to buy in-game extras. The currencies offered are generally referred to as crystals, coins and diamonds. The purchased virtual currency, or the ones you earned for free, can be used to invest in chests having loot, cosmetic items, different types of boosts, ingame items, new heroes or characters and much more.

Fortnite also offers an in-game, virtual currency known as v-bucks or Vindertech Bucks! You can earn codes from our portal for free! It allows you to unlock all premium features that can enhance your game further.

What is it all about?

Fortnite uses virtual currency called v-bucks in both paid Save the World and free Battle Royale versions. You can play Battle Royale mode for free and Epic uses v-bucks to earn profits from this game.

You can get the codes from reputed portals allowing you to be eligible to buy different types of items. However, whatever item you purchase using v-bucks, will not provide you with any competitive advantage. Rather, v-bucks is used mainly to purchase a variety of cosmetic items, like new gliders, new outfits including Fortnite Dances and Fortnite Emotes.

Besides this, you can find items in the Save the World version against v-bucks. It includes variety of items, cosmetic items and new heroes.

However, items derived from ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’ mode cannot be transferred to ‘Save the World’ mode and vice-versa.

You can earn codes to buy Battle Passes. You will come across plenty of challenges during each & every new Fortnite season. There are rewards offered with every completed challenge; generally free v-bucks & new cosmetic items.

For Battle Pass, there is present a free version referred to as Free Pass. However, fewer rewards are offered in this type when compared to the paid one.

Where to buy v-bucks from?

You need to visit the in-game store to buy v-bucks. In ‘Save the World’, this store is known as ‘Vindertech Store’, while in ‘Battle Royale’, it is referred to as ‘Item Store’. V-bucks prices offered through Item Store are as follows:

  • 10,000 v-bucks (including 3,500 bonus) = $99.99
  • 4,000 v-bucks (including 1,000 bonus) = $59.99
  • 2,500 v-bucks = $24.99
  • 1,000 v-bucks = $9.99

You need to pay 950 v-bucks for each battle pass, which is one battle pass for one season, or around $10 in real money. But items offered through the store may cost 200 to 2,000 v-bucks.

Once you manage to complete all levels that come up in Battle Pass, you tend to earn numerous prizes, worth over 950 v-bucks. At the same time, you also obtain several v-bucks which will allow you to enter the next Battle Pass. For this, you need to complete challenges present in Battle Pass Season 10.

In theory, for the initial Battle Pass, you need to spend $10 to earn sufficient amount of v-bucks to obtain more Battle Passes in the future, simply by completing all challenges.

But, remember that you need to put in plenty of hours to play Fortnite to complete all levels of challenges during a season. There are many who may not be able to put in real money to buy v-bucks. If you are one of them, then you can enter our portal to get v bucks and unlock different interesting features for free.

Tips to earn

Doing some research will help you discover how to get the codes that will allow you to play the game of Fortnite without having to spend a single penny.

  • Complete daily quest: Save the World

To unlock free v-bucks, you need to possess the mode ‘Save the World’ and complete different daily quests and in-game missions. If you don’t own this mode, then play Fortnite Battle Royale to get few free v-bucks.

Engaging in special Storm Defense shield missions taking place in the in-game world’s Twine Peak and Canny Valley regions. This allows you to avail free v-bucks.

  • Free V-bucks from Battle Pass & daily rewards in Battle Royale

You can unlock free v-bucks in this mode. For this, you need to complete several Battle Pass challenges to earn daily rewards. The latter provides you with v-bucks every time you log into the game. If you miss for a day or two, there is no need to worry, the reward system doesn’t restart if you happen to skip a couple of log-ins.

V-bucks rewards are offered with Battle Pass. A sufficient amount of v-bucks can be earned through Battle Pass, which in turn can be used to purchase the next.

Those not having purchased Battle Pass still can stand to get v bucks simply by completing a few challenges considered to be part & parcel of Free Pass.

However, this will not allow you to earn enough v-bucks, unlike what you earn by playing regular Battle Pass. But with time, you are likely to earn a sufficient amount to purchase Battle Pass for the next game or invest in few cool items purchased from the store.

Through our portal

You can login to our portal, where you can earn huge rewards & v-buck codes amounting to 10,000. This can be redeemed to buy customized features for your characters. Our portal is completely trustworthy and maintains privacy of your details. With your registration, we provide you with the assured free v-bucks codes to your registered email address.

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