Fortnite Robot Location

  1. The first is in the upper left corner. It’s easily to find and remember to jump last or first in the Fortnite bus.
  2. The second Fortnite Robot Location is directly under the first spawn location and alot of people usually drop here because good loot.
  3. Number three spawn is the best spot to take the Fortnite Robot.
  4. The number four spawn location is bottom left of the Fortnite map. This is also easy to get the New Fortnite Robot
Fortnite Robot Location

Robot Controllers

The new Fortnite Robot in Fortnite season 10 AKA X is a big powerful Robot you can get in. You can shoot from the Robot and walk with the Fortnite Robot. We’re happy that we can show you the Fortnite Robot Location and controllers.


  • Driver seat
  • Gunner seat

There is easily to kill the robot if you have example AR weapons against the Fortnite Robot. The Fortnite Robot spawn randomly on the map and we mark the spawn location in the picture.

Fortnite Robot in SOLO

When’re playing Fortnite SOLO and want the Fortnite Robot, you need to change between the seats.


When you walk with the Fortnite Robot and wants to shoot, You need to change the seats to the Gunner from the walk seat.

Fortnite Robot in DUO

Fortnite Robot is most powerful in DUO game mode because your mate can take the gunner seat and you can walk while he shooting.