Legit methods to collect Free V bucks codes in 2020

You might have a passion to play different types of video games, especially Battle Royale styles on your PlayStation, PC or smartphone. There are several games in this particular category. But the one that requires a special mention is Fortnite. It is considered to be among the top video games and allows you to get engaged for hours without getting bored. This game boasts being designed with plenty of cosmetics, allowing you to personalise your preferred character. However, to play this game utilizing its best features, you do need to invest in v-bucks. With some research and understanding you can get hold of Free V bucks codes without much effort.


Is it possible to earn V bucks codes & save money?

Why not save some money using this v-bucks codes method? You can visit popular sites to redeem the codes and earn free v bucks codes that you can use in 2020 to impress your family and friends. With the right know-how you can earn legitimate free v-bucks which can be used to purchase favourite dances, skins and outfits for your characters. This is all possible without actually having to spend a single penny!

Unfortunately, like other domains, there are several scams that claim to provide free codes for you to use. Some may even lead your Fortune account getting banned permanently. You need to be aware that promises made by sites advertising free v-bucks without anything in return may be a scam, so should be avoided.

A few legit ways to earn fortnite virtual money

  • Daily Login: Every day, you can login into ‘Save the World’ mode to get free v-bucks. By logging in, you are awarded with some v-bucks by Fortnite. Using this method, you do not have to pay or play anything. By the 11th day, you will be rewarded with 50 v-bucks by Fortnite. Another 300 v-bucks will be added on 28th On given days, you will be rewarded continuously from Fortnite. All this is possible without having to take out precious time playing the game. However, you will be required to log in on a daily basis and make sure not to skip a single day. This way, on reaching 336th day, you will be provided with 1000 v-bucks by Fortnite as loyalty reward. Going through the web can help you to find out the amount of free v-bucks that you can earn and the day when you get them added to your account. Even if you lead a busy life, not having time to engage in the game on a daily basis, there is no need to worry. On a daily basis, the bar tends to reset on its own, without you having to do anything. But you will be required to stay logged in. It’s a legitimate method, however, will not provide you with a huge amount of v-bucks to allow you to properly enjoy the game.
  • Battle Pass Challenges: Battle Pass Challenges allow you to earn codes, if you don’t possess the mode ‘Save the World’. To earn free v-bucks in this mode, you do not have to make any purchase of battle pass. However, if you possess it, then you can enjoy increased earnings. All free players are offered three weekly challenges, where your objective will be to collect certain amounts of wood, to destroy a certain number of enemies and get involved in other tasks. On completion of the assigned challenges, you get to earn battle stars that can level up your battle pass. On levelling up, you are likely to unlock various types of exciting rewards like emotes, skins, pickaxes and gliders. At times, you may even recieve 100 v-bucks. Those having enough time and a preference for challenges can use this method.
  • Visit our site to earn codes: This is undoubtedly the only site where you can visit and earn free v-bucks without any hassle or putting in lots of effort. All you need to do is register with our website and put in your valid email I.D. Once done, you will start getting v-bucks to your email that you can use to play the game. Our website is considered to be among the most powerful places to earn the codes that can be redeemed easily. Ours is a legitimate site that you can trust and also recommend to others without any worry. You’ll enjoy having good amount of v-bucks delivered to your account.
  • Fulfil daily quests: To derive free v-bucks from this method, you need to enter the Fortnite mode ‘Save the World’ and own it. It’s essential to know the details regarding this mode. Once you reach this particular mode, you can take Daily Quests, which are quite similar to Battle Royal mode’s Daily Challenges. On completion of some daily assigned tasks, you stand to earn your v bucks. Your objective here will be to complete some specified missions or to destroy specified enemies with the help of a hero. Fortnite is likely to reward you with at least 50 v-bucks on successful completion of the Quest. But if are unsuccessful in the Quest, then you are provided with the opportunity to play this again the next day. However, you will be required to complete two assigned challenges in Quest mode. The maximum Daily Quest number allowed is three! With 3 Quests in hand, you just need to complete one to enter the next. Visit Fortnite main menu to engage in Daily Quests. You can find it at the top under ‘Quests’ in the main menu. Under Daily Quests, you can also find available jobs.



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