All about Fortnite online Game: Getting v bucks

There are hundreds of online games that are played and discussed by gaming enthusiasts from all over the world. But the one that is most popular and commonly played is Fortnite. Getting to know this game, using helpful tips and understanding the basics can help you to play it in moderation and safety.

How to play this game?

This game offers an open-world environment, where players are required to battle various characters, which are either controlled by other players or by the game. However, young players might feel disturbed by some scenes and characters. Getting v bucks can help you to play the game in full and without having to pay any money out of your own pocket.

Co-operative or single player mode involves combating zombie creatures. This free-to-play, standalone, multiplayer platform is perhaps the most popular mode of game play used, namely, Fortnite Battle Royale. Here up to 100 players are allowed to enter and play the online game. They can either, form a squad comprising of four players or play individually & compete with one another. The battle area will see a decreasing number of players as the game advances and players beat their rivals. The last player to remain is declared the winner.

No age verification is necessary to play this game. However, you need to provide your e-mail address to register an account, have it verified and create username to play this game.

Reasons for popularity of Fortnite

  • This game is available to be played on various devices like Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS-4, some Android devices, iOS, Mac and PC.
  • Although simple, this game is extremely immersive. Players can re-enter any new game quickly and easily get involved in long sessions. Multiplayer games generally last around half an hour, increasing the thrill through longevity.
  • Players using the in-game currency, v-bucks, can face challenges to get rewards. You can get the codes from reputed sites can help you to save money and allow you to get codes to play the game completely free.
  • The game has been attractively designed, providing weekly challenges and updates as it evolves continuously to provide excitement to its players.
  • The game does boast a large social media fan-following.

Are there any age restrictions present?

Fortnite has some mildly violent scenes in it so Pan European Game Information (PEGI) has rated it 12+. However, like other games, there are many children that take part in the game. Due to this, parents of young children should make sure that they are aware of all raised safety concerns and ensure that their small children play this game safely.

Multiplayer gameplay

Battle Royale mode in Fortnite is considered to be a multiplayer game. Squads or individual players can combat against one another to survive and stay alive with the aim to be the last player standing. It is this mode which poses safety concerns. This is more to do so with the game’s unmoderated chat functionality. Players are allowed to communicate freely with anyone, either on-screen or by voice. Otherwise this is a wonderful game to play and sure to keep you engaged for hours. free v bucks will only help you to unlock premium features for free. This in turn will enhance your gaming prospects and allow you to customize your characters without having to pay anything.

How to ensure safe gameplay for my child with Fortnite?

  • When opening up an account, avoid creation of a username that would give away your personal details. This game does not need any age verification process. So, make sure you understand the risks involved if your child is eager to open up an account or has already one.


There are three privacy setting levels in Fortnite, namely:

    • Public: Here, any player is allowed to enter the online party hosted by your child.
    • Friends: Here, only selected friends are allowed to join the party.
    • Private: Here, no one will be allowed to enter the party, unless invited by your child. Make sure you find the appropriate level for your child.


  • It is possible to disable voice chat in this game. You need to go through the game’s settings and understand it properly. If you find things to be inappropriate, then simply turn off the voice chat mode and allow your child to continue with the game.


  • Discuss any unwanted contacts with your child. Ensure they understand what to do if someone speaks in a rude, inappropriate or nasty way or seeks personal information. In such cases, it would be wise to make your child free to approach you to ensure any unwanted contact or inappropriate content is avoided.


  • Do help your child in getting v bucks to enable him/her to play Fortnite game for free.

In-game purchases

This is a free-to-play game. However, you will require a season battle pass that will last for about 3 months, to complete Battle Royale season. This will also offer you bonus rewards, such as skins. With v-bucks, you have the option to purchase in-game add-ons. Getting the codes from our portal will also allow you access premium features for free.

V-bucks can be purchased for cash or earned through our portal. Items to purchase are usually just aesthetic. They don’t impact your gameplay in any manner. However, v bucks, allows you to customize the look of your character and enhance overall gameplay and impress everyone around.

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