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how to get better at fortnite

How to get better at Fortnite STEP BY STEP

How to get better at fortnite, How to get better at fortnite step by step
How to get better at Fortnite

How to get better at Fortnite

Do you learn to get better at Fortnite? In this article we will give you some good tips How to get better at Fortnite. Since this is the most popular online massive multiplayer game right now, you’re going to come across a lot of skilled players from around the world. If you want to outperform them in Battle Royale, then you need to develop a creative mindset which lets you make faster decisions for your chosen actions. If you can master that, then you’ll get better at Fortnite for sure.

Let’s go over the basics of how you should adjust your gameplay in order to get better at Fortnite.

1) Focus on Learning How to Fight

How to get better at fortnite

The two main aspects of Fortnite gameplay are offense and defense. A lot of newbies get preoccupied with the offense because they just want to have intense firefights with their enemies. This is okay to do in the beginning because you’re still learning how to engage in a combat situation. Take this opportunity to learn how to use the various weapons in the game, especially the ones which have recoil. Shoot from as many weapons as possible until you learn how to use them all.

Don’t expect to win too many of your duels or firefights. The important thing is to learn the various techniques of combat. If you spend all your time hiding from enemies because you’re scared of them killing you, then you’re not going to learn much about combat. So, just keep practicing combat until you fully understand the best ways in which to use your weapons.

2) Land in the Right Places

How to get better at fortnite

Your landing position must be chosen carefully. Some experts might tell you to stay away from populated areas if you’re a newbie. But how are you ever going to get better if you’re not immersed in the action? If you’re not afraid of dying a bunch of times, then you can learn from your mistakes by landing in larger areas like Pleasant Park or Retail Low. This will force you to locate weapons quickly and develop survival tactics.

Of course, there will be times when you’ll want to land on the outskirts of an area so that you can be sneaky and surprise your enemies. Just make sure you’re doing this for tactical reasons rather than out of fear of getting killed.

3) Building is Important

How to get better at fortnite
How to get better at fortnite

This is most important if you searching for How to get better at fortnite. After you’ve trained yourself in the art of warfare and weaponry in Fortnite, now you’re ready to learn about survival. The key to survival in Fortnite is to build walls, roofs, floors, and stairs. Gather all the necessary materials you need and get started with the building. If you don’t build structures for protection, then you won’t have any place to heal yourself safely as your enemies engage you.

Try to build on higher ground than your opponents. Don’t just build structures in front of them. If you have stairs that go high off the ground, then you can reach new areas and gain an advantage over your opponents. However, you must establish several main structures on the ground before building a lot of higher structures because there is always the risk of higher structures collapsing or getting destroyed by your opponents. If that happens, you don’t want to be left with no structures to have for protection.

4) Study the Map

How to get better at fornite
How to get better at fortnite

If you want to outwit your opponents in Fortnite, then you must study the map carefully. Once you learn where all the chest spawns are located, it’ll be easier to find powerups and other helpful items for gaining an advantage over your opponents. In many cases, the areas that are less crowded will have many easily accessible items to get. A lot of the buildings and structures contain hidden rooms with items in them too. Learn these areas, and you’ll be one step ahead of your opponents.

5) Try Out Different Platforms

How to get better at fornite
How to get better at fortnite

Some players find that they’re better at Fortnite if they use one device over another. For instance, you might be lousy at Fortnite if you’re using a PlayStation 4 to play it. But if you try playing it on your iPhone or personal computer, then you might find it easier to land hits on your opponents. Some reports suggest that shooting the sniper rifle is more difficult on a PlayStation 4 versus on an iPhone or PC.

6) Don’t Engage Your Opponent Immediately

How to get better at fornite
How to get better at fortnite

When you begin a Fortnite game online, all the players are supposed to jump down onto an island from a flying bus. The players typically like to jump down immediately in order to get the action going. But if you have a hundred players hopping down onto the island at the same time, it will be easy for you to get killed. That is why you should have patience by waiting until the last few seconds before you’re required to jump. By that point, most of the players who jumped out before you would have already run away somewhere else. Then you’ll have a less chance of getting killed in the beginning.

7) Focus on the Sounds

How to get better at fornite
How to get better at fortnite

Fortnite has great sound effects. If you listen to these sounds carefully, you can hear when other players are close by. A common tactic is to hide in a house or structure and wait for those sounds to be heard. Once you hear a player enter the same house that you’re in, you can surprise them with heavy gunfire. And if you hear any shots coming from the distance, take out your sniper rifle and see if you can kill another player from afar.

To ensure that you hear all the sounds, try wearing headphones rather than using speakers. Headphones will keep your focus entirely on the sounds of the game while blocking most of the sounds that are around you in real life.

Top Gaming Headset:

  • Steelseries Arctis Pro
  • Razer Kraken Tournament
  • HyperX Cloud Mix
  • Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 +

Sound is really important and if you bough the right headset you wi’ll never ask someone “how to get better at fortnite”.

Conclusion from this article “How to get better at fortnite

Overall, it takes time to get better at Fortnite. The master players you see on Twitch did not just automatically start out good. They spent hours and hours getting good by practicing the very same tips that are mentioned above. If you can do the same, then perhaps you can match their level of skill and gameplay someday.

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Hope you got the answer from the questions How to get better at fortnite from this article!

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