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Lazerism bundle on Fortnite: Major Lazer Blast emote, skins, & music now available

Music group Major Lazer has joined Fortnite as part of a new Lazerism content drop. Pic credit: Epic Games Fortnite screencap

After a recent Marshmello collab, a new Lazerism bundle on Fortnite celebrates the electronic music group Major Lazer. Gamers are now able to get the bundle in Fortnite which features a Major Lazer Blast emote among other content such as skins and music.

Here are the latest details on what’s included and how to get the Lazerism bundle or individual items.Join these TV discussions on our forum! What is Major Lazer & Lazerism bundle in Fortnite?

Major Lazer is the popular electronic dance music group initially founded in 2008. It consists of producer Diplo along with DJs Walshy Fire and Ape Drums. To date they’ve released three albums with their latest titled Peace is the Mission (2015).

They also have several collaborative efforts, including the 2017 EP Know No Better. It features Travis Scott, Quavo from Migos, and Camila Cabello among other artists.

They’ve also released several songs this year including “Can’t Take It from Me” featuring Skip Marley and “Make It Hot” with Anitta. Additionally, there was a Major Lazer animated series that arrived on FXX in 2015.

Fortnite has collaborated with various artists during the game’s different seasons, and the latest is Major Lazer. The new Lazerism bundle content leaked online yesterday.

Fortnite presented fans with a look at all of the items in an Instagram post with video clips to show things off. The new items include a Major Lazer Skin, two new music items, new bling, a pickaxe weapon, and two emotes.

Check out the new emotes below, including the new Major Lazer Blast emote.How to get Major Lazer Blast emote, other Lazerism items

Ahead of the reveal of the new Lazerism bundle for Fortnite, they also released a teaser video. In their Instagram caption, they mention, “@MajorLazer is crashing the shop.” Gamers will need to head to the Fortnite shop in-game to pick these up. It appears to be loading just fine as of this report, so have no worries about it crashing, just yet.

Lazerism bundle is on sale at Fortnite Item Shop #MajorLazer #MajorLazer #Fortnite

— SportsGamersWorld (@SportsTixSoup) August 23, 2019

All of the Lazerism items are for sale separately or as a bundle in the Fortnite Item Shop. The bundle includes the Major Lazer Outfit, Lazer Wings, Lazer Axe, Lazer Blast emote, Lazer Flex Emote, and two pieces of music for 2,475 V-Bucks. Here’s a look at all of the prices:

  • Major Lazer Bundle (all items) 2,475 V-Bucks
  • Major Lazer Outfit (includes outfit, wings, and built-in Flex Emote) – 1,600 V-Bucks
  • Lazer Axe 800 V-Bucks
  • Lazer Blast Emote 500 V-Bucks
  • Default Vibe Music 200 V-Bucks
  • Default Fire Music 200 V-Bucks

So, to get the items will take some spending. To get V-Bucks, head to the Fortnite Store from the game’s menu screen. Gamers can purchase the V-Bucks for different prices, with 1,000 currently selling for $9.99 and 13,500 selling for $99.99.

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