You may have heard about Fortnite V bucks Generator from someone and will be interested to know more about it. Fortnite is yet to gain global popularity although it has been around for quite some time. It is among the best battle royale video games that you can indulge in. But, being a newcomer, you do need to go through the beginner’s guide to know what to do and start to enjoy this game thoroughly. With every passing Season, this game is upgraded to provide more excitement to all players. But without tips & tricks, you will not be able to make much headway into this exciting & interesting game. With Fortnite, you can create, combat and also survive until completion of all the stages.

About the software

You can download Fortnite on your PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You don’t have to pay anything to download this ‘freemium’ game. You also get to play ‘Battle Royale’ in FN:BR (multiplayer mode) without having to pay even a single penny. However, there is a small amount to be paid, if you want to engage on the campaign ‘Save the World’. You can simply storm the gaming world by engaging on FN:BR mode.

More useful Information

You need to know something about V-Bucks (micro-transactions). It’s from this craze, that Epic Games tend to make good money. As a newbie in Battle Royale, you do not get any intrinsic edge or skills, even after buying items. You can customize your character as desired, their pickaxe and dance moves using Fortnite V bucks. But it is not possible to buy stronger & more powerful weapons, resources, health or other helpful items.

In FN:BR, micro-transactions basically are designed to provide you with proper assistance. Simply by checking out the players’ outfit, you can work out how much money and time has been spent playing. This is definitely valuable information to have prior to starting your game. You’ll know how much experience others have and who to shoot at.



Know how to play

Battle Royale game can be played in 3 different interesting ways, namely:

  • Duos: Involves teams of 2.
  • Solo: Alone and playing for self
  • Squads: Involves 4 in a team.

Recently, an option 50 vs. 50 has been included by Epic Games, considered by beginners to be a wonderful one to start their game. It allows them to explore maps without actually having to sacrifice their lives immediately on entering the game to enemies.

The Battle Bus carries a total player number of 100, which is completely irrespective of the team size you hold. On, you get to board this bus with only a hand-held pickaxe. The bus then moves in random direction over the map. Every player gets to skydive at any starting point as per their own choice, since there is no such compulsion to have a common starting point. Once you get down, the bus you need to gather resources and weapons that you need to hunt. The objective of the game is be stay alive until the end, to be declared the ultimate winner. Right from the time you get down the bus, you need to make up strategies to stay alive and destroy your opponents.

But for FN:BR, unfortunately, there is not any practice or tutorial mode to help you to move ahead without getting killed by the enemies. You just need to simply enter the game and learn as you progress. This is what makes the game more exciting and compels you to play repeatedly.

System requirements to download & play

You can play this game on different platforms without actually having to sacrifice comfort, convenience or the thrill. However, the devices on which you plan to download & play should have the basic requirements.

Mac/PC Requirements to play this game

To play on Macs & PCs, you will need Iris Pro-5200 GPU or Intel HD 4000, 4GB RAM and 2.4 GHz Core i3 CPU. Your machine at least needs to have macOS-X Sierra (10.12.6) or Windows 7 operating systems. Metal API needs to be macOS device supported.

To download v bucks and play this game smoothly, your machine needs to have disk space of 20GB.

iPad & iPhone requirements to play Fortnite

If you want to play this game using your iPhone, then make sure you have the following model to ensure smooth gaming process: SE, 6s Plus, 6s, 7 Plus, 7, 8 Plus, 8 or X. For iPad, the following models will be suitable: Air 2, mini 4, Pro or 2017. However, iPod Touch does not allow you to install this game.

Fortnite Android Requirements

Recently, Fortnite was developed to play on Android. However, to get access to this game, you will need register for beta and get approval. But this specific requirement has been removed by Epic Games. Now any person having compatible device can easily download the stoftware and play it to his/her satisfaction.

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